Mind-N-Body Fitness Studio
Health & Safety Protocols:

Re: COVID-19.... We take your health & safety seriously and have implemented safe practices within our studio. Fever screenings are administered to clients. Clients must wash their hands before working out. Trainer Z wears a face cover. At least 6 feet distance is maintaned during the workouts. Sanitization of the equipment is performed before/after each workout. Disinfectant Fogging of the studio is done weekly.

About Trainer Z:

30+ Years of applied Fitness Expertise... Hello, I am ZeZor DeForce a.k.a Trainer Z ... I am the owner of Mind-N-Body Fitness. When it comes to applying fitness methodology to achieve fitness goals, I'm not SCIENTIFIC ... I'm REALISTIC! I am regarded as a trusted and qualified professional who can safely maximize body performance to encourage physical improvement.

Goal-Based Fitness Training

I don't train you just for the sake of training you; I train you in direct relation to your specific fitness goal(s).

Goal-Based Eating Suggestions

Eating is without a doubt the Fitness X-Factor. I do provide eating suggestions in relation to your specific fitness goal(s).

Fitness Troubleshooting

Unlike many trainers, I possess the rare ability to fitness troubleshoot as generalities in fitness may not work for all.


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Trainer Z's
Livestreaming Group Workouts



Make FIT Happen Remotely!
- Regardless of your location... Trainer Z can help you to 'make FIT happen'
- Interact with Trainer Z via Zoom, using your computer, smartphone, or tablet device
- Workouts are between 45-50 minutes

*Push Weight: Tuesdays at 7:15pm
A mat + a variety of dumbbells + a stepper recommended

*Mat Motions: Saturdays at 8:00am
A mat + a variety of dumbbells + a stepper recommended

*Current Price: $20.00 per workout.

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Trainer Z's Professional Fitness Services

Personal Training with Trainer Z
In-Person Personal Training
with Trainer Z

In-Studio, In-Home/On Location, and Outside Personal Training available for your fitness preference.

Trainer Z will professionally instruct you through your goal-based training sessions.

30, 45, and 60 minute training sessions available.

Discounts are available based on a certain number of prepaid sessions!
Get fitness tested by Trainer Z
Video Chat Private Workouts
with Trainer Z
Regardless of your location... Make FIT Happen with 'Video Chat Private Workouts'.

You will interactively see and be seen by Trainer Z as he professionally instructs you through your goal-based workout routines from the convenience of your location.

- $45.00 per 45 Minute Workout
- $60.00 per 60 Minute Workout
- Prices are based on a minimum of 4 Prepaid Workouts!
Fitness Testing by Trainer Z
Personalized Fitness Program
Created by Trainer Z
Regardless of your fitness goals, I will use my knowledge and expertise to create your Goal-based Personalized Fitness Program and provide you with ongoing support via email to help keep you motivated and accountable.

1. Goal-based fitness profile
2. Goal-based workout program
3. Eating-For-Fitness Suggestions
4. One(1) 20-minute fitness phone consultation
5. Email support for 3 months
Metabolism Testing by Trainer Z
75 Minute Metabolism Test
+ Fitness Consultation
- Frustrated with fitness guessing?
- Want to know how many calories your body is non-actively burning per day?

Utilizing the BodyGem device, Trainer Z will measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to determine the amount of calories your body burns while at rest.

Once your RMR number is determined, you’ll be able to make more beneficially accurate caloric adjustments with your eating.
Fitness Testing by Trainer Z
60 Minute Fitness Test
+ Fitness Consultation
Get tested and evaluated by Trainer Z on your choice of 10 out of 12 (non-comparison) fitness protocols.

1. Resting Heart Rate
2. Blood Oxygen Saturation
3. Body Fat Analysis
4. Sit and Reach
5. Push Ups
6. Crunches
7. Bench Press
8. Bicep Curls
9. Wall Ball Squat and Hold
10. Standing Balance
11. Agility and Coordination
12. 3 Minute Step Test

Trainer Z's Dynamic Group Workout Classes

Trainer Z Dynamic Group Workout Classes
Boot Camp Blitz
  • MON
  • 5:00PM - On Hold!
  • MON
  • 7:15PM - On Hold!

A Kick-Your-Butt Physical Conditioning Workout! This workout routine will progressively challenge you to perform at a higher level. You will greatly increase your overall strength and stamina.

$30 per Class

*Discounts Available!
Trainer Z Dynamic Group Workout Classes
Cardio Strength
  • WED
  • 9:15AM - On Hold!
  • WED
  • 5:00PM - On Hold!

An Aerobically Intensified Strength Training Workout! This workout puts the focus and effort on strength and stamina as you perform the cicuit of combo exercises for total body improvement.

$30 per Class

*Discounts Available!
Trainer Z Dynamic Group Workout Classes
Mat Motions
  • THU
  • 7:15PM - On Hold!
  • SAT
  • 10:45AM - On Hold!

A Totally Mat Workout! This down to the floor workout is uniquely structured to target the UPPER BODY, the ABS, and the LEGS as you perform the exercise motions on your exercise mat.

$30 per Class

*Discounts Available!
Trainer Z Dynamic Group Workout Classes
  • TUE
  • 5:45PM - On Hold!
  • TUE
  • 7:15PM - NO Space|On Hold!

A Total Body Muscle Pumping Workout! This strength and cardio workout is uniquely structured for you to achieve increased levels of muscle development and overall physical endurance.

$30 per Class

*Discounts Available!
Trainer Z Dynamic Group Workout Classes
Total Body Circuit
  • SAT
  • 8:00AM - NO Space|On Hold!
  • SAT
  • 9:30AM - On Hold!

A Total Body Workout! Engage in some social interaction and intense fun while gaining the great benefits of improved muscle strength, tone, and conditioning with this circuit style workout routine.

$30 per Class

*Discounts Available!
Trainer Z Dynamic Group Workout Classes
Request a Class Day/Time
- Are you and a few of your friends interested in strength and cardio based workout classes???

- If you have at least 3 friends who can regularly attend a requested class, then we can make FIT happen!!!

$30 per Class

*Discounts Available!

Request Class Days/Times

Call or Text Trainer Z

Call or Text: 917-751-4553

Call: 888-848-6623 xt.201

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Mind N Body Fitness
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