- $17.00 per Class - '30 Day Use Them or Lose Them'. This discounted option is based on you prepaying for a specific number of group workout classes that you plan to attend within a 30 day period.
- $20.00 per Class - 'Pay as You Play'. This full price option is available if you don't want the '30 Day Use Them or Lose Them' option.

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$17.00 per Class - '30 Day Use Them or Lose Them' - 4 class minimum purchase (Order the quantity needed for your 30 day period)

$20.00 per Class - 'Pay as You Play'

*Special Notes:
- Every 30 day period starts with the date that you attend the first of your prepaid classes!
- Prepaid classes do not rollover; all prepaid classes must be utilized within a 30 day period!
- In the event that a workout class is canceled on a particular date; you will receive a time period extension.