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When it comes to fitness; knowledgeable and realistic tips of what to do and/or what not to do is half the equation for achieving your fitness goal, while the other half of the equation for achievement comes down to desire, belief and determination.

The fitness goal tips that I personally present to you, can be beneficially incorporated into your lifestyle whether your specific fitness goal is to either lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.

Trainer Z’s Top 10 Fitness Goal Tips:

1. Think Like A Champion – Your mental mindset should be that you are in fact an athlete in training and that your fitness goal is your personal pursuit of a championship. Until you win the championship by achieving your fitness goal; you ideally need to think fitness each and every day, then each and every day you’ll be about fitness.

2. Motivation Equates To Movement – Mental motivation influences physical movement which causes improvement. Finding your source of motivation will help you to keep your body moving and therefore improving.

3. If You’re Gonna Do It; Do It Together – You can make fitness more fun by teaming up with a family member or friend, and you can also gain an added advantage by agreeing to hold each other accountable.

4. Lift Weights; Don’t Wait To Lift – Strength training with weights is really not an option, it’s a vital necessity not just for fitness but for the health and wellness improvement to your overall quality of life.

5. Water Wisdom – Before, during and after exercise; drink that water. Water is the single most important component that allows the beneficial processes of your fitness efforts to occur. If by chance you don’t like to drink water, sipping it at room temperature and/or or sipping it through a straw tends to make water a bit more palatable.

6. Keep It Real By Eating Real – Eating and digesting real food is to your greater health and fitness benefit. You should only use supplements as the name implies; not as substitutes for real food nutrition.

7. The Food Scale Tells No Tales – Its time to stop guessing and time to know for certain how much food your are actually consuming. Take control of your food servings and portions by using a food/kitchen scale and measuring cups as a routine part of your lifestyle.

8. Meal Prep Will Keep You In Step – Stay a step ahead and on track with your meals and your eating by preparing the majority of your meals a few days in advance, then each day, all you have to do is simply heat and eat.

9. Don’t Let The Weekend Become The Weakend – Don’t sabotage your fitness week for the sake of the weekend. When you’re dining out during the weekend; eat only 1/2 of your meal and save the other 1/2 for another meal and/or day.

10. Sleep Deep – The most beneficial thing you can do at night for fitness is to ensure that you get plenty of sleep, especially on the on the days that you do exercise.

So there you have it; my Top 10 Fitness Goal Tips to incorporate into your lifestyle and reap the benefits.

No matter who you are; always remember that you are worthy of your fitness goal; so remember to stay focused, and stay motivated!