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Whether it’s consumed as a spring and summer time treat or as a year round staple; a great number of us do enjoy the deliciousness of a cool, refreshing smoothie on any given day.

The variety of smoothie recipes are vast to say the least; choose your base ingredients to enjoy either a fruit smoothie, a vegetable smoothie, or a fruit and vegetable smoothie combo, from there you can add in a bunch of other healthy/nutritious ingredients such as milk, yogurt, protein powder, wheat grass juice, or almond butter for an even more potent concoction.

And now the reality check; depending on your fitness goals, a smoothie might not be such a smooth move. If your fitness goal is to shed some unwanted body fat; well then no matter how nutritious that smoothie is, unfortunately it is going to hinder that goal because all smoothies, regardless of the ingredients and regardless of store bought or homemade are high in carbohydrates, carbohydrates that in most cases you will not be utilizing for immediate energy and will therefor be processed and stored by the body as fat.

To make beneficial justification for consuming a smoothie, at least ensure that it has a reasonable amount of protein, this will slow digestion and slightly minimize the adverse insulin spike affects that trigger and ultimately result in unwanted body fat production.